Module 3

Module 3:

 In a world that changes at an unprecedented pace, it is important that young people, even in Secondary schools, learn how to be an active part in the process. This module is not about predicting a future world, but it is about being introduced to some of the tools that will help them create their future and dreamworld. How will their preferred future be, what will it look like?

The ability to project oneself into a future landscape is a critical aspect for studying and practising the science of foresight. (Woodgate, 2018)

Do you have the same dreams as the people in other parts of the world, for example in Tokyo or Caracas? International cooperation and sharing are essential in this module. All modules, including «Future», can be done in collaboration with pupils from other places/countries.

PresentPastFuture will give the pupils the theoretical, practical and technical tools to create virtual worlds and letting the rest of the class experience these worlds through XR equipment. In PresentPastFuture the projection of the future will be both tactile (XR) and mental (mindset).

Foresight light

PresentPastFuture will use a simplified four-stage process adapted from The Futures Labs six-stage process. One of the key elements in this module is to avoid a mindset where the pupils simply see the future as a continuation of the past. PresentPastFuture will provide the pupils with alternative thinking methods that will help them navigate and create the future.

Searching for signals
Mapping, fusing, mixing
Choosing preferred future 
Creating dreamworld