Module 2

Module 2:

Is it important to know something about the past? How does the past affect you? What happened in the past? What are the inventions, revolutions, extinctions, conflicts, human rights that still have an impact today? What can you learn from past experiences? How can you better understand both sides in a conflict? How can you present several views on political/historical decisions?

Future technologies will remove friction and layers between the abstraction and us.

Historical events are presented in an understandable way for every pupil, and the information and facts are updated continuously via AI, ML and Big Data. The narratives in module 2 are transmedial and the storytelling happens across different platforms.

 Module 2 will by large be based on different ways of experiencing the past through various forms of XR (virtual reality/embodiment and augmented reality). You will experience historical events, play the role of different persons throughout history, and you will be given the opportunity to (virtually) change the course of history. In this way, you will develop empathy and a better understanding of what has happened, but also create tools that can help avoid conflicts and misunderstandings in the future.