Module 1

Module 1:

Do we have a common baseline? Do we agree upon who we are? Do we share the same values? How is life in […]? Why and how do we see things differently? What happens with your way of thinking, your decision making, your attitude towards other people, if you are exposed to «fake news»? What is real? Is it possible or even necessary to avoid echo chambers?

By the switch of a button that’s probably not a button, the pupils can change viewpoint.

Most likely this will be the starting point of the course. It doesn’t have to be, but starting with something familiar and then move on from there to the unknown can be a rewarding approach. Module 1 is perhaps the most philosophical part of the course, and the pupils are encouraged to question everything in a Socratic way. In 2030 we will have technology capable of feeding us with thoughts (Ramirez et al., 2013), and the world will be even more intertwined than it is today.

This module will help the pupils in Secondary school to establish a context and a narrative for the rest of the modules, but more important for their lives. This will help them build a link between PresentPastFuture and their everyday life.